Dr John Brayley

Chief Psychiatrist @ SA Health

John has over 30 years’ experience in public and private healthcare and has worked in leadership roles in the mental health, general health and disability sectors.

He is a former State Director of Mental Health in SA, and has also held the appointment of Chief Adviser in Psychiatry to the Minister of Mental Health – a precursor role to what became the Chief Psychiatrist position in the current Mental Health Act with its greater powers.

For seven years, between 2008 and 2015, he held the independent statutory role of Public Advocate, reviewing programs for people with mental illness, intellectual disability, autism, brain injury, and dementia advising Ministers, Shadow Ministers and Members of Parliament.

Most recently he has worked as Chief Medical Officer and Surgeon General of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Canberra leading a Division that had policy, strategy and advice roles for migration health, asylum seeker health and staff health.

While working in administrative roles he has maintained a clinical interest and psychiatric practice in South Australia and then Canberra.

John commenced in the role of Chief Psychiatrist | Director Mental Health Strategy on 7 May 2018.