Daniel Oetjen

@ Director Procurement Goods & Logistics, SA Health

In 2022, the SA Health Logistics team are delivering a suite of exciting new initiatives to support the efficient management of consumable supplies, from procurement to delivery at metropolitan and regional sites across the state.

In December 2021, SA Health’s state of the art new Distribution Centre will become fully operational and be a cornerstone for initiatives that will result in enhanced goods purchasing, inventory optimisation, supply chain management, and warehousing. A long-term priority has been to introduce a more efficient and timely process for delivering medical consumable supplies, including ‘direct to imprest’. Early next year, my team will be working with hospital clinicians across Adelaide to implement direct supply from the new distribution centre straight to storerooms (Imprest rooms) found in most hospital wards, speeding up turnaround times for replenishing medical consumable supplies.

As the borders re-open, the logistical requirements across the supply chain are being considered to ensure we are well placed to respond to the challenges of COVID19. This includes forecasting, planning and designing solutions to meet demand for medical supplies and personal protective equipment. The Demand Planning project will be implemented in 2022 to provide better information to our suppliers to meet SA Health’s supply requirements.

My priority is to continue to build supply chain capability and work with SA Health staff to improve supply service levels for the benefit of South Australians.

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