Edurne Esparza 

@ Assistant Director, Goods & Logistics, SA Health

Edurne is an experienced senior supply chain management professional with over 13 years of industry expertise in leading organisations in supply chain operations, local and international logistics and inventory management in the healthcare sector. 

She is currently the Assistance Director Supply Chain Performance in SA Health, responsible for monitoring and managing inventory, master data and operations performance, working in organizational reforms and business improvement projects, managing the reporting, demand and performance team, and implementing contracted medical consumables across 23 bulk stores, 1020 Imprest Rooms within 30 metropolitan and country sites, 23 metropolitan ambulance stations, SA Pathology and SA Dental School. 

Edurne has led several projects for PSCM including the transition to a new Distribution Centre, decommissioning of the old Royal Adelaide warehouse and imprest, several inventory optimisation initiatives, implementation of  Supply Chain  Key Performance Indicators, establishment of a third  party sterile warehouse,  implementation of a Pick to Voice solution at the old Distribution Centre,  closure of the warehouse at Repatriation Hospital and project support to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for the establishment of the Kan-Ban imprest model.  


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